Tracing our roots back as far as the early 1920’s, UK Dies Group Ltd has developed the knowledge and the experience to become one of the largest manufacturers of tooling to the fastener industry. With continued investments in new technologies we are striving to become number one in the world.

Following the amalgamation of three top engineering companies in the country, and due to a progressive innovative policy, UK Dies has proven to be the best choice for a wide range of companies all over the world in competitive sectors such as automotive, aerospace, construction, medical, military and more


1920’s : Lintool foundation.
1988 : Lintool becomes Licence holder for Taptite®
1995 : Steel & Carbide (SCD) was founded
1998 : SCD becomes Licence holder for TORX®
2001 : SCD acquires Lintool
2002 : SCD and Lintool start working in one combined location in Birmingham
2003 : SCD and Lintool acquire SMF Cold Forming Tools
2005 : Complete amalgamation of the three companies under the new name of : UK Dies Ltd Group.
Present :UK Dies is one of the largest tooling manufacturers in the UK and one of the top in the world