“Move the world forward through offering the best value to our customers and employees.”

The company’s main goal and long-term mission is to continue to create top quality products through innovation, sustainable empowerment and ethical standards

Due to the high engagement of our dynamic and passionate employees and our entrepreneurial spirit, these goals are very achievable.

Furthermore, supported by an efficient management process, and a consistent commitment to operational excellence, the company is progressively growing and positively achieving results.


PEOPLE are our most important asset. Employee, customer involvement and teamwork provide UK Dies with a productive environment promoting respect, openness and personal improvement.

CUSTOMERS are the focus of everything we do. We work towards the aim to anticipate and respond to our customer’s needs and provide them the highest service through the whole process.

IMPROVEMENT is a constant element of the industry and our company. Innovation and research for ongoing improvement is the main responsibility of our employees.

QUALITY is our highest priority: only top quality products are manufactured.

SAFETY AND ENVIRONMENT represent our primary objectives: as a conscientious manufacturer, UK Dies has the responsibility to engage its best efforts to preserve and protect our personal and collective quality of life.

ETHICS are never compromised. Our policy promotes respect for its integrity and for its positive contributions to society and individuals.