UK Dies specialises in the manufacture of an extensive range of tooling for the world’s hot & cold forming industries. While our name might only imply that we make dies, do not be mistaken as we can cater for various tooling projects including all aspects of heading machine stations. Our strengths lie in the production of tooling to bespoke drawing specifications and include the following product types.

Should you have any individual requirements please get in touch with your enquiry for a tailored quotation.


As a leading producer of external Torx®, Torx Plus®, and Strux®, our tools are manufactured in accordance with strict industry licensing standards which require the highest quality, consistency and craftsmanship.

We hold a large inventory of Torx® carbide material in stock to provide quick service and delivery.


Supporting the Taptite® programme from the beginning, we produce tooling of all sizes and types including duo-Taptite® and Taptite 2000®. 

We’re a recommended supplier by Reminc for our tooling quality and reliability.

Carbide & Steel Dies

  • Extrusion
  • Plain hole (with/without face features)
  • Point forms
  • Special bores
  • Wafer/button dies
  • Hexagon
  • 12-point bores
  • Torx® & Taptite®


  • First blow
  • Extrusion
  • Solid
  • Engraved
  • Special forms

Carbide & Steel Inserts

  • Extrusion
  • Plain hole (with/without face features)
  • Point forms
  • Special bores
  • 12 pointers
  • Torx® & Taptite®

Cut off knives

  • Carbide
  • Steel
  • Taptite®

Segmented Steel & Carbide Dies

  • Torx®
  • Hexagon
  • Round
  • 12-point
  • Point foms
  • Extrusion


  • Standard
  • Complex
  • Taper bore
  • Plain / with cross holes
  • Composite


  • Split sleeves
  • Taper (both bore and O/D)

Steel & Carbide Pins

  • Extrusion
  • Plain
  • Stepped
  • Coated

Trimming Dies

  • Round
  • Hexagon
  • Special bores

Transfer Fingers

  • Plain steel
  • Form slotted
  • Carbide tipped

Feed Rolls

  • Taptite®
  • Special form
  • Standard round gripping form

Cut off Quills

  • Carbide Insert
  • Cased


Our tools are used to manufacture various products by our customers across a wide range of sectors. We supply a diverse selection of materials that conform to all relevant industry standards and customer specifications.